Survivor ORG 37: Tanzania
Season 37
Filming Location The Serengeti, Tanzania
Season Run June 27th, 2018 - August 18th, 2018
Survivors 16
Winner Kyshes
Runner(s)-up thegabelaw
Tribes Arusha
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season Survivor ORG 36: The Outback
Next Season Survivor ORG 38: Myanmar

Survivor: Tanzania, also stylized as Survivor: Tanzania- The Secret Safari, is the thirty-seventh installment in the Koror ORG Survivor series.

Tanzania was critically panned because of the difficulties surrounding the season. While the gameplay of the season was extravagant, the cast and the problems that came with them ruined the flow and production of the game. The season featured a player being removed by the hosts due to personal drama, a player that refused to be on the jury, an advantage overload elimination at the Final 5, a sock puppet scandal in the finale, and a deadlock tiebreaker for the winner of the season to be crowned. After the season, the players and the hosts preferred to rarely acknowledge its existence.


The season was announced on May 11th, 2018. Applications opened two weeks later.


  • The Secret Safari- The tribe that wins reward each round will send one member from their tribe and the losing tribe to the Secret Safari, a variant of Exile Island that contains various items and advantages that can benefit their game. In order to obtain one of these items, visitors must find out if a Safari is running that day. If one is, the players must wager their vote in order to have a chance at finding an item. Completing a certain task will earn them the advantage. Failing to accomplish the task will result in the loss of the player's vote at the next tribal council they attend. Some of the items found on the Safari are:
    • The Stork- The two players sent on the first Safari will be given this power. The power contained a Legacy Advantage, which could be played at the Final 10 or Final 5 tribal councils. If he or she was eliminated before the Final 5, the advantage would be willed to another player. Once played, it will be revealed that the Legacy Advantage would work as if the player had played a hidden immunity idol.
    • The Vulture- This advantage would allow the holder to steal items from an eliminated player. If the person with this power knew a player was voted out with an item/idol in their pocket, they could play the power and take the item for them self. The stolen advantage would remain at full power, and shift ownership to the thief.
    • The Lion- On Day 9, the castaways were all sent to the Safari, and were told to pick one of thirteen clay pots. One pot contained an advantage. This advantage exiled the winning picker, and allowed them to decide the new tribes for the pending swap. The winner was informed that they would switch a select number of contestants from each tribe, and they would join the losing tribe following the next tribal council.
    • The Giraffe- Two members that went on the Safari will switch teams for one round only to observe and collect data about their competition. They will compete alongside the opposing tribe at the next challenge, and vote with them at tribal council. In the event their respective tribe loses, the person sent to tribal will be immune from elimination.
    • The Hyena- This item works as a regular vote steal. The user will be able to take another player's vote at tribal council, and cast a second vote in their place. The player that had their vote stolen will have their vote voided, and not counted towards the tribal results.
    • The Ostrich- With this power, the player that used it would send them self to the Safari, avoiding tribal council. This would guarantee them immunity for the round, but would prevent them from voting at said tribal council.
    • The Gazelle- This item would give the holder an advantage in the challenge that followed their visit to the Safari.
    • The Rhino- Originally intended to work as a juror removal twist before going into the Final Tribal Council, this item was originally scrapped following the sockpuppet scandal at Final Four, but brought back after the final vote resulted in a 3-3 tie. With this power, the winner of a three part challenge would be able to cancel one jury vote, thus giving that player the win. This resulted in the first time ever that a winner was crowned via a challenge on Koror ORG.
  • Hidden Immunity Idols- Hidden Immunity Idols will be in play this season. One idol for each tribe will be hidden at the main camp. An idol will be hidden once the tribes merge as well.
  • No Escape- Players are not allowed to quit the game. They must ask to be voted out by their tribe at the following tribal council if they wish to leave.


KororS37 TreyS37
Koror Trey


Castaway Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe
LawrenceS37 Lawrenceyo
"Lawrence" USFlag
Morogoro 1st Voted Off
Day 3
ShawnS37 slyfoxx22
"Shawn" MalaysiaFlag
Morogoro 2nd Voted Off
Day 6
OddS37 Hackogames
"Odd" TaiwanFlag
Morogoro 3rd Voted Off
Day 8
IsaiahS37 IsaiahKoror
"Isaiah" SpainFlag
Arusha Morogoro Eliminated
Day 10
AleksS37 DoritosConfirmed
"Aleks" Ukraine flag
Arusha Arusha Pulled
Day 12
LouiseS37 twiggley
"Louise" UKFlag
Morogoro Morogoro 4th Voted Off
Day 15
1st Jury Member
JordanS37 Moistened
"Jordan" UKFlag
Arusha Morogoro Njombe 5th Voted Off
Day 18
Not On Jury
BronsonS37 mordeca
"Bronson" NZFlag
Morogoro Morogoro 6th Voted Off
Day 21
2nd Jury Member
ShayS37 ShayzzaGlaceon
"Shay" UKFlag
Morogoro Arusha 7th Voted Off
Day 24
3rd Jury Member
GatoS37 GATOSugar39
"Gato" MexicoFlag
Arusha Arusha 8th Voted Off
Day 27
4th Jury Member
SimoneS37 simonechanel
"Simone" DenmarkFlag
Morogoro Arusha 9th Voted Off
Day 30
Not On Jury
BlakeS37 Tanglefrost
"Blake" AustraliaFlag
Arusha Arusha Eliminated
Day 33
5th Jury Member
FranzS37 franfish
"Franz" CanadaFlag
Arusha Arusha Disqualified
Day 36
Not On Jury
HalsS37 khushee
"Hals" CanadaFlag
Morogoro Morogoro 10th Voted Off
Day 38
6th Jury Member
GabrielS37 thegabelaw
"Gabriel" CanadaFlag
Arusha Morogoro Runner Up
Day 39
SheaS37 Kyshes
"Shea" USFlag
Arusha Morogoro Sole Survivor
Day 39

Episode GuideEdit

# Title Challenge Sent On
Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 "Do You Ice Cream?" None Arusha Bronson Lawrence 6-1 1st Voted Off
Day 3
2 "B*tch I'm Attacking You!!! Feel Attacked!!!" Arusha Bronson Shawn 5-1 2nd Voted Off
Day 6
3 "Do Some Alicia Fox Type Sh*t" Arusha Simone Odd 4-1 3rd Voted Off
Day 8
4 "Still Have More Tricks Up My Sleeve" None Arusha Shea Isaiah 3-3;
Rock Draw
Day 10
5 "Once the King is Killed" Arusha Gabriel Aleks No Vote Pulled
Day 12
6 "Communication is a Two Way Street" Arusha Jordan Louise 3-1-1 4th Voted Off
Day 15
7 "I'm Doing Them All a Favour" None Shea None Jordan 10-0 5th Voted Off
Day 18
8 "Let the Bomb Hit the Ground" Simone Blake Bronson 7-1 6th Voted Off
Day 21
9 "Fall in a Toilet Seat and Drown" Gato Shea Shay 4-3 7th Voted Off
Day 24
10 "Sipping Some Dumb F*ck Juice" Simone Hals Gato 2-2-2;
8th Voted Off
Day 27
11 "I Literally Almost Won This Game" Shea Franz Simone 2-1-1 9th Voted Off
Day 30
12 "It's Time You Pay For Your Dirty Jobs" Gabriel Gabriel Blake 0-0-0;
Day 33
13 "Nothing Can Change My Mind" None Franz None Franz No Vote Disqualified
Day 36
Shea Hals 1-0 10th Voted Off
Day 38
14 "Reunion (Tanzania)" Jury Vote Gabriel 3-2* Runner Up
Shea Sole Survivor

*The vote originally ended in a 3-3 tie; however, Shea was named the winner after winning a tiebreaker challenge to eliminate one jury vote, making him the Sole Survivor via a 3-2 vote.

Voting HistoryEdit

Survivor: Tanzania Voting History
Original Tribes Swapped Tribes Merged Tribe
Vote: 6-1 5-1 4-1 3-3 2-2 Rocks No Vote 3-1-1 10-0 7-1 4-3 2-2-2 2-1 2-1-1 0-0-0 No Vote 1-0 3-2
Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Shea On Safari On Safari Louise Jordan Bronson On Safari Gato Revote Simone Franz Hals
Gabriel Hals Revote Ineligible On Safari Jordan Bronson Shay Shea Revote Blake Franz
Hals Lawrence Shawn Odd Gabriel Revote Ineligible Shea Jordan Bronson Gabriel On Safari On Safari None Gabriel
Franz On Safari Jordan Bronson Shay Gabriel Gabriel On Safari Shea Disqualified
Blake On Safari Jordan On Safari Shay Gato Gato Simone Hals Gabriel
Simone Lawrence Shawn On Safari Jordan Bronson Gabriel Gabriel Gato Gabriel
Gato On Safari Louise Jordan Bronson Shay Shea Revote Gabriel
Shay Lawrence Shawn Odd Jordan Bronson Gabriel Shea
Bronson On Safari On Safari Odd Hals Hals White Louise Jordan Hals Shea
Jordan Gabriel Gabriel White On Safari Jordan
Louise Lawrence Shawn Odd Gabriel Gabriel White Bronson Shea
Aleks On Safari Pulled
Isaiah Hals Hals Black
Odd Lawrence Shawn Shay
Shawn Lawrence Louise
Lawrence Simone


  • The Secret Safari twist is heavily inspired by CBS Survivor's Ghost Island twist, with a few changes in execution and theming.
  • Tanzania is the first season to take place in mainland Africa since Survivor ORG 17: Ghana, which occurred 20 seasons earlier.
  • This is the second season to feature a player getting pulled by the hosts from the game, rather than being evacuated.
  • Following the double removal of Franz and Simone from the jury, Tanzania became the first season since Survivor ORG 7: Vietnam to have three potential jurors not on the jury, due to personal reasons or cheating.
  • The power of the Rhino was meant to be a final twist, where the Final 2 would go on a surprise last trip to the Safari to fight for it. The winner would earn it and remove a juror. However, after Simone and Franz were removed, the idea was scrapped. Once the final vote resulted in a deadlock tie, the twist was brought back out and reformatted.
    • This makes Tanzania the first season to crown a winner via a challenge.
  • The episodes were named as following:
    • Episode 1- "Lawrence"
    • Episode 2- "Shea"
    • Episode 3- "Bronson"
    • Episode 4- "Isaiah"
    • Episode 5- "Gato"
    • Episode 6- "Louise"
    • Episode 7- "Jordan"
    • Episode 8- "Gato"
    • Episode 9- "Shay"
    • Episode 10- "Shea"
    • Episode 11- "Simone"
    • Episode 12- "Franz"
    • Episode 13- "Shea"
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