Survivor ORG 25: Palau
Season 25
Filming Location Peleliu, Palau
Season Run October 22nd, 2016-December 21st, 2016
Survivors 25
Winner Ay.han21
Runner(s)-up Whatevereva
Tribes Peleliu
Returnees POLO975 (30)
SpiritAnimal (30)
TDF2132 (30)
Opening Sequence
Koror ORG Survivor Palau Game Changers INTRO

Koror ORG Survivor Palau Game Changers INTRO

Series Chronology
Previous Season Survivor ORG 24: French Guiana
Next Season Survivor ORG 26: Bali

Survivor: Palau, also stylized as Survivor: Palau- Game Changers, is the twenty-fifth installment in the Koror ORG Survivor series.

Palau is known for being one of the most twisted, chaotic, and gameplay driven seasons ever. The Koror ORG Rewind led to crazy turns of events, blindsides, and many idols and powers ruining players' chances at winning. The season is considered to be one of, if not the best season in the Koror ORG series, due to its unpredictability, voting block strategies, strong alliances, and shocking twists.


The season was announced on August 28th, 2016. Applications opened three weeks later, on September 21st.


  • Game Changers- A full cast of returnees whose gameplay or elimination influenced the outcome of the game will compete again for the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. The contestants were chosen based on how they changed the game, either positively or negatively.
  • Koror ORG Rewind- In a tribute to the 25th Anniversary Season of Koror ORG, this multi-part twist brings back twists used in previous Koror ORG seasons. These twists will be introduced randomly throughout the game, and can last any amount of time.
    • Anarchy- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 19: Belize, for the first episode of the game, the castaways will not be divided into tribes. Instead, they will compete individually in a challenge and at tribal. Later in the game, the tribes will be established.
    • Schoolyard Pick- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 1: Russia & Survivor ORG 4: Batangas, the winners of the first immunity challenge picked the three tribes. The captains ranked the remaining players from greatest to least, and using those lists, the producers put together the new tribes, Peleliu, Sonsorol, and Angaur.
    • Auxiliary Tribe- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 14: Barbados, an additional tribe will be introduced after the start of the game, but before the merge. At the tribe switch, the tribes will be informed they will be split into four tribes instead of the expected two.
    • U.S. Vs World- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 5: Norway, at the first tribe swap, the contestants will go from three tribes to four tribes, two of which consist of US players, and two of which consist of players from around the globe.
    • Age Divided Tribes- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 24: French Guiana, at the tribe dissolve, Tribe A consisted of players ranging from 13 to 17 years old, while Tribe B consisted of players ranging from 18 to 24 years old.
    • Mutiny- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 17: Ghana, on Day 25, the castaways were offered the chance to mutiny to the other tribe or to remain on their current tribe. If too many players mutinied, only a select few would have their mutiny request accepted via random draw.
    • Premerge Auction- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 8: Rio San Juan, on Day 28, the twists continued as the remaining players were each given $500 to bid on various items to help out their games. All the items were covered, and all the items would be kept secret except for the person who won said items. Some of the special items at the auction include:
      • Idol Halves- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 2: Mali, two idol halves will be given out at the auction. It is up to the player to find person with the other idol half other than theirs in order to have a complete hidden immunity idol. This idol will work just like a regular idol.
      • The Dual Idol- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 12: Heroes vs Villains, at the auction, a special idol with unique powers was up for grabs. This idol was the dual idol, and when it was played, it would not only protect the user, but allow them to vote twice. This would come in handy during the later tribal councils, having a controlling number of votes.
      • Pandora's Box- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 18: India, at the auction, the Pandora's Box was up for bid. This item, depending on when it was played, had different powers. If played at a challenge, the holder would become immune and choose a fellow player to be immune alongside them. If the box was played at tribal, the holder became immune, and a second tribal council occurred.
      • Cursed Idol- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 23: Henan, at the auction, the Cursed Idol was one of the items available to the players. The holder would be given the ability to cast a vote at the tribal council directly after their elimination, acting as one last bit of potential karma.
    • The Outcasts- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 16: Palawan, on Day 28, a tribe consisting of the last thirteen vote offs was revealed to the newly merged tribe. These players returned to the game and competed for two spots to reenter. The winners would join the merge and be immune at their first tribal council.
    • Viewer's Player- In a tribute to Survivor ORG 21: Canary Islands, at the merge phase of the game, a player was named by the viewers to complete various tasks and missions in return for idol fragments. If the player completed three tasks, they would be given an idol. Once the Viewers Player was eliminated, a new VP would be decided by the previously audience campaign vote. Unlike in it's original season, the players were aware of the twist, and had to compete to win the power.
  • Hidden Immunity Idols- Hidden Immunity Idols will be in play this season. One idol will be hidden at each camp. An idol will be hidden at the merge tribe camp. However, in a tribute to Survivor ORG 6: Haiti, the idols had the ability to be changed to three types:
    • The Strong Idol- Works like an Express Pass. If the holder plays it before a challenge's results, his/her tribe or himself/herself instantly wins immunity, and is safe from Tribal Council. However, the person that played it cannot vote at the following Tribal Council. Good to use until the Final 6.
    • The Smart Idol- Works just like a normal hidden immunity idol. When played on a person before Tribal Results, the person that had the idol played on them will have any votes cast against them nullified, and will negate votes in case they got any. Good to use until the Final 6.
    • The Social Idol- The person that wins this idol will have the chance to control somebody else's vote in Tribal Council. When played before Tribal Results, the person who played will choose someone in Tribal Council area, and will negate their vote, and, in the process, will get to vote in replacement of that negated vote, essentially controlling somebody else's vote. Good to use until the Final 6.
  • No Escape- Players are not be allowed to quit the game. They must ask to be voted out by their tribe at the following tribal council if they wish to leave.


KororS25 EdwardS25
Koror Edward


Castaway Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Auxiliary Tribe Dissolved Tribe Post-Mutiny Merged Tribe
DrewS25 TDF2132
"Drew" USFlag
Vanua Levu
None 1st Voted Off
Day 2
MikeyS25 MikeyRocks33
"Mikey" AustraliaFlag
Angaur 3rd Voted Off
Day 7
MattS25 Kingmatt3342
"Matt" USFlag
French Guiana
Peleliu 4th Voted Off
Day 10
KendallS25 XAudaciousX
"Kendall" USFlag
Vanua Levu
Angaur 5th Voted Off
Day 10
SpiritS25 SpiritAnimal
"Spirit" USFlag
Angaur Sonsorol 6th Voted Off
Day 12
IanS25 SonOfMyRightHand
"Ian" USFlag
Vietnam & HvV
Peleliu Peleliu 7th Voted Off
Day 15
MiguelS25 MiguelLopez^2
"Miguel" MexicoFlag
El Peten
Sonsorol Ikelau 9th Voted Off
Day 18
IchiroS25 TotalDramaNaruto
"Gevonte" USFlag
French Guiana
Peleliu Peleliu Sonsorol 10th Voted Off
Day 21
JohnnyS25 JohnPoteet
"Johnny" USFlag
Ghana & Canary Islands
Sonsorol Sonsorol Peleliu 11th Voted Off
Day 24
JoeyS25 Chalinona
"Joey" USFlag
Vanua Levu
Sonsorol Peleliu Peleliu Peleliu 12th Voted Off
Day 27
AlexS25 ARepp2017
"Alex" USFlag
French Guiana
Peleliu Peleliu Peleliu Peleliu 13th Voted Off
Day 30
JackS25 Jacaljt10
"Jack" UKFlag
Sonsorol Angaur Peleliu Peleliu Kayangel 14th Voted Off
Day 32
1st Jury Member
NairnS25 Nairn
"Nairn" ScotFlag
Angaur Angaur Peleliu Peleliu 15th Voted Off
Day 34
2nd Jury Member
HannahS25 Hannah Banana23
"Hannah" CanadaFlag
El Peten
Angaur Angaur Peleliu Peleliu 16th Voted Off
Day 36
3rd Jury Member
ZachS25 Zurvivor
"Zach" USFlag
Batangas, Norway, & BOTO
Angaur Sonsorol Sonsorol Sonsorol 17th Voted Off
Day 36
4th Jury Member
EllaS25 QueenFioonz
"Ella" NetherlandsFlag
India & Canary Islands
Angaur Angaur Peleliu Peleliu 18th Voted Off
Day 38
5th Jury Member
AndrewS25 Agonzo7988
"Andrew" USFlag
Sonsorol Peleliu None None 8th Voted Off
Day 18
19th Voted Off
Day 40
6th Jury Member
MarcoS25 POLO975
"Marco" SingaporeFlag
El Peten & Canary Islands
Sonsorol Ikelau Peleliu Sonsorol 20th Voted Off
Day 42
7th Jury Member
ArasS25 Sfarasxx
"Aras" ScotFlag
French Guiana
Peleliu None None None 2nd Voted Off
Day 5
21st Voted Off
Day 42
8th Jury Member
FelixS25 FescennineFelix
"Felix" GermanyFlag
Ghana & BOTO
Sonsorol Ikelau Sonsorol Sonsorol 22nd Voted Off
Day 44
9th Jury Member
TomS25 ThomasSaxby
"Tom" USFlag
El Peten
Peleliu Sonsorol Sonsorol Sonsorol 23rd Voted Off
Day 46
10th Jury Member
LuisS25 Underthefrozen
"Luis" Venezuela Flag
Vanua Levu
Peleliu Ikelau Sonsorol Sonsorol 24th Voted Off
Day 48
11th Jury Member
MartynasS25 5martis5
"Martynas" LithuaniaFlag
Bora Bora, Cappa, & Palawan
Peleliu Angaur Sonsorol Sonsorol 2nd Runner Up
Day 50
EvaS25 Whatevereva
"Eva" USFlag
Belize & Canary Islands
Sonsorol Sonsorol Sonsorol Sonsorol Runner Up
Day 50
AyhanS25 Ay.han21
"Ayhan" TurkeyFlag
El Peten
Angaur Ikelau Sonsorol Sonsorol Sole Survivor
Day 50

Episode GuideEdit

# Title Koror ORG
Challenge Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 "Play This Game My Way" Belize None Andrew Drew 21-2-1-1 1st Voted Off
Day 2
2 "It's Not the Worst Case Scenario" Russia
Angaur Aras 5-3 2nd Voted Off
Day 5
3 "Snake Galore" None* Sonsorol Mikey 7-1 3rd Voted Off
Day 7
4 "The B*tch Has it Coming" None* None Sonsorol Matt 6-1 4th Voted Off
Day 10
Kendall 6-1 5th Voted Off
Day 10
5 "Your Challenge Ability Hurts My Spirit" Norway
Angaur Spirit 4-1 6th Voted Off
Day 12
6 "A Snake Always Knows Where Its Spawn Is" None* Sonsorol Ian 3-2 7th Voted Off
Day 15
7 "Shut Ur F**king Mouth" None* None Sonsorol Andrew 3-1 8th Voted Off
Day 18
Angaur Miguel 4-1 9th Voted Off
Day 18
8 "Guess the Social Bombshell Bombed" French Guiana Peleliu Gevonte 7-1 10th Voted Off
Day 21
9 "Welcome to the Fire Pits" None* Sonsorol Johnny 6-2 11th Voted Off
Day 24
10 "Hate Me or Love Me" Ghana None Sonsorol Joey 5-1 12th Voted Off
Day 27
11 "Someone Dethrone Us" Rio San Juan Survivor
Sonsorol Alex 4-1 13th Voted Off
Day 30
12 "I Wouldn't Back Down" Palawan Andrew Felix Jack 5-1-0 14th Voted Off
Day 32
Aras Martynas
13 "Leader of Some Kind of Satanic Cult" None* Felix Nairn 9-4-1 15th Voted Off
Day 34
14 "I Don't Want to Beat the Dead Horse" Canary Islands Ayhan Hannah 10-1-1 16th Voted Off
Day 36
Martynas Zach 10-1 17th Voted Off
Day 36
15 "I'm Going to Throw My Keyboard at the Wall" None* Felix, Ayhan, Andrew,
Martynas, Tom
Ella 5-4-0 18th Voted Off
Day 38
16 "If I Go to the Wild" None* Felix Andrew 4-2-2 19th Voted Off
Day 40
17 "He's About to Get Kimmi'd" None* Felix Marco 0-0;
20th Voted Off
Day 42
None [Ayhan] Aras 6-1 21st Voted Off
Day 42
18 "It Had to Be Done" None* Tom Felix 3-2-1** 22nd Voted Off
Day 44
19 "I've Been Playing With Poles
Since I Was a Teenager"
None* None Eva Tom 3-1-1 23rd Voted Off
Day 46
Ayhan Luis 1-1-0;
24th Voted Off
Day 48
20 "Reunion (Palau)" Jury Vote Martynas 7-3-1 2nd Runner Up
Eva Runner Up
Ayhan Sole Survivor

*Indicates that there was no Koror ORG Rewind during the episode.
**Luis received a penalty vote for editing his challenge score.

Voting HistoryEdit

Survivor: Palau Voting History
Original Tribes Auxiliary Tribe Dissolved Tribes Mutiny Tribes Merged Tribe
Vote: 21-2-1-1 5-3 7-1 6-1 6-1 4-1 3-2 3-1 4-1 7-1 6-2 5-1 4-1 5-1-0 9-4-1 10-1-1 10-1 5-4-0 4-2-2 0-0 6-1-1 6-1 3-2-1 3-1-1 1-1-0 1-1 7-3-1
Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Ayhan Drew Mikey Kendall Miguel Gevonte Nairn Tom Hannah Zach Eva Tom Tom Eva Aras Felix Tom Eva Martynas
Eva Drew Spirit Gevonte Jack Nairn Hannah Zach Ella Andrew Ayhan Marco Aras Ayhan Martynas Luis Luis
Martynas Drew Aras Matt Gevonte Jack Nairn Hannah Zach Ella Exiled Ayhan Marco Aras Felix Tom Eva Revote
Luis Drew Aras Matt Miguel Gevonte Jack Nairn Hannah Zach Ella Andrew Ayhan Marco Aras Penalty Tom Eva Revote Martynas
Tom Drew Aras Matt Spirit Gevonte Jack Nairn Hannah Zach Ella Andrew Ayhan Marco Aras Felix Ayhan Martynas Eva
Felix Drew Miguel Gevonte Jack Nairn Hannah Zach Ella Andrew Ayhan Marco Aras Ayhan Eva
Aras Drew Martynas Not In Game Eva Nairn Hannah Zach Eva Marco Ayhan Marco Tom Ayhan
Marco Drew Miguel Alex Negated Nairn Hannah Zach Eva Tom Tom Luis Ayhan
Andrew Drew Ian Alex Not In Game kayangel|Eva} Nairn Hannah Zach Marco Marco Eva
Ella Drew Mikey Kendall Johnny Joey Alex Eva Tom Hannah Zach Eva Ayhan
Zach Luis Mikey Kendall Spirit Gevonte Eva Tom Martynas Felix Eva Ayhan
Hannah Drew Mikey Kendall Johnny Joey Alex Eva Nairn Tom Ayhan
Nairn Drew Mikey Kendall Johnny Joey Alex Eva Tom Ayhan
Jack Drew Johnny Joey Alex Eva Ayhan
Alex Drew Martynas Matt Joey Andrew Johnny Joey Hannah
Joey Drew Ian Andrew Johnny Nairn
Johnny Drew Spirit Alex
Gevonte Drew Martynas Matt Ian Andrew Zach
Miguel Zach Luis
Ian Drew Aras Matt Joey
Spirit Drew Mikey Kendall Tom
Kendall Drew Mikey Nairn
Matt Jack Aras Alex
Mikey Drew Zach
Drew Luis



The DVD Cover for Palau.

  • The season's location was originally going to be used for Survivor ORG 16: Palawan, but was scrapped last minute.
    • Interestingly enough, both seasons featured a game lasting until Day 50, and one member from each of the three original tribes of that season being represented at Final Tribal Council.
  • The episodes were named as following:
    • Episode 1- "Ichiro"
    • Episode 2- "Marco"
    • Episode 3- "Ayhan"
    • Episode 4- "Ella"
    • Episode 5- "Eva"
    • Episode 6- "Ayhan"
    • Episode 7- "Ella"
    • Episode 8- "Ichiro"
    • Episode 9- "Nairn"
    • Episode 10- "Ella"
    • Episode 11- "Nairn"
    • Episode 12- "Andrew"
    • Episode 13- "Luis"
    • Episode 14- "Zach"
    • Episode 15- "Ella"
    • Episode 16- "Ayhan"
    • Episode 17- "Eva"
    • Episode 18- "Tom"
    • Episode 19- "Eva"
  • The Koror ORG Rewind had twists from fifteen of Koror ORG's twenty-four past seasons included.
    • The following twists were included in the Koror ORG Rewind.
Y/N Season Twist Used Y/N Season Twist Used Y/N Season Twist Used
Ybutton Survivor ORG 1: Russia Three Tribes Xbutton Survivor ORG 9: Nigeria None Ybutton Survivor ORG 17: Ghana Mutiny
Ybutton Survivor ORG 2: Mali Idol Halves* Xbutton Survivor ORG 10: Nicaragua None Ybutton Survivor ORG 18: India Pandora's Box*
Xbutton Survivor ORG 3: Brazil None Xbutton Survivor ORG 11: Bora Bora None Ybutton Survivor ORG 19: Belize Anarchy
Ybutton Survivor ORG 4: Batangas Schoolyard Pick Ybutton Survivor ORG 12: Heroes vs Villains Dual Idol* Xbutton Survivor ORG 20: Mount Yasur None
Ybutton Survivor ORG 5: Norway US vs World Xbutton Survivor ORG 13: Cappadocia None Ybutton Survivor ORG 21: Canary Islands Viewer's Player
Ybutton Survivor ORG 6: Haiti Special Tribe Idols Ybutton Survivor ORG 14: Barbados Auxiliary Tribe Xbutton Survivor ORG 22: Vanua Levu None
Xbutton Survivor ORG 7: Vietnam None Xbutton Survivor ORG 15: El Peten None Ybutton Survivor ORG 23: Henan Cursed Idol*
Ybutton Survivor ORG 8: Rio San Juan Pre-Merge Auction Ybutton Survivor ORG 16: Palawan Outcasts Ybutton Survivor ORG 24: French Guiana Age Divided Tribes

*Indicates that this rewind occurred from an item in the pre-merge auction.

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